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Welcome to Procreate Coffee

Get authentic tips and tricks from our community of baristas, café owners, and coffee lovers!

About Us

Procreate Coffee is an independent and unaffiliated barista training resource offering you unbiased coffee classes in Brooklyn and continued learning right here on Mighty Networks. 

We listen to you and help you reach your goals — whether you want to kick off your career in coffee, open a café, or simply be an amazing home barista. 

Why You'll Want to Stick Around

Community is at the core of all coffee experiences! This is your space to build relationships with other Procreate Coffee students, get career advice or everyday coffee tips from our pros, and continue to grow through the power of our network. 

With our Mighty Networks community, you have endless opportunities to learn — whether it's through reading vetted articles or sharing barista experiences with other students. 

Procreate Coffee is sincerely committed to helping each student reach their goals and our classes and resources are for everyone (not just coffee purists!).

A Big Thanks to Our Amazing Students

Procreate Coffee students: Thank you for bringing your passion, laughter, and comradery to this amazing community of baristas. You (and your beautiful coffee!) make this world so much brighter.